Differentiate Your Facebook Topic Data Product with Industry-Specific Indexes

16th March 2016 0 Comments

In our previous blog, we showed you how to differentiate using complex queries. In this blog, we want to further explore how you can stand out by creating industry-specific indexes. This blog is part of a mini blog series on product differentiation.

The people on Facebook represent every vertical and every demographic group. Facebook topic data, not only gives you a complete view of the entire population and trends in general, but also presents the perfect opportunity to dig into industry specific insights by leveraging your domain expertise to create vertical specific solutions. For example, we are seeing great use cases coming out of industries such as film, TV, fashion and sports that could benefit from repeatable indexes designed for each of these verticals.

PYLON’s native capabilities make creating industry-specific indexes easy. First, you can leverage Facebook provided topics categories and DataSift’s powerful filtering language CSDL to collect data related to a specific industry only. For example, for sports, you can easily create interaction filters based on categories such as Athlete or Sports Team. You can further apply industry-specific context to the data you have collected by creating VEDO tags (as we explored in a previous post) to classify data based on your domain knowledge. With such indexes in place, you can optimize your queries to show repeatable insights specific to the needs of the market segment you serve.  

We created a video to highlight some of the techniques you can apply to differentiate your product with Facebook topic data. Check it out and start innovating.

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