Facebook Beats Analyst Expectation, Again and Again!

4th May 2016 0 Comments

If you are confused and thought you read this post three months ago, you’re probably not alone because I literally copied and pasted our post from January and added about 0.05 to all the numbers. Facebook beats analyst expectation yet again!

Facebook had one of the best start of the year by adding roughly 60 million users to boost its total monthly active users to 1.65 billion people on Facebook. If you are more interested in a day to day basis, there are 1.09 billion people who are active on Facebook every day. Advertisers are also doubling down on Facebook as the platform to engage their audience. For the eleventh quarter in a row Facebook beat analysts expectations, this time posting quarterly earnings of $5.38 billion while analysts only expected $5.25 billion. Shares in the company rose by 8% in response, which would be good at any time, but contrasted with recent market activity in the sector is incredible.

This success is driven by success on mobile, again. 1.51 billion people access the site via mobile, an increase of 21% year-over-year. Mobile made up 82% of advertising revenue in Q1, up from 80% in Q4 last year. As analyst firm Jeffries points out, “It was another big beat driven by the soaring mobile ad business. User and engagement levels were at the highest levels ever, and the expense outlook remains unchanged.” It’s not hard to see why Facebook was able to increase its user engagement with these additional stats:

  • 1 Billion people on WhatsApp each month (up from 900 million)
  • 900 million people on Messenger each month (up from 800 million)
  • 25 million people connected via Internet.org
  • Reactions is introduced
  • Live Video is launched worldwide
  • Artificial intelligence is added for the blind and visually impaired

All of these new product developments, along with exciting announcements for marketers at F8 last month, are reaffirmation of Facebook’s strength in understanding and engaging with your audience. An investment in Facebook to discover the undiscoverable using Facebook topic data is like a gift that keeps on giving, seeing how engaged its users are and how Facebook is increasingly integral to their lives.

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