DataSift named “Hot Vendor” by Aragon Research

Lucy Wimmer
17th August 2016 0 Comments

Today, we’re delighted to have been named a “Hot Vendor” in Big Data and Predictive Applications, 2016, by research and advisory house Aragon Research. Each year, Aragon Research selects Hot Vendors across multiple markets who have interesting, cutting-edge products, services, technologies.

The “Hot Vendor” report highlights the fact that DataSift enables real business value to be extracted from Big Data, which has always been central to our approach. We believe that data projects should have a clear purpose: to provide actionable insights for businesses. With algorithms doing the heavy lifting, people can start to discover the insights and answers within the data to inform strategic business decisions.

The report also recognizes the fact that Big Data and predictive applications now go hand in hand. Fueled by social networks, mobile apps, and internet-connected devices, the volume and variety of data we (and the objects we interact with) create has grown – and will continue to grow – exponentially. Due to the vast pools of structured and unstructured data now out there, it’s no longer feasible for an army of analysts to read and classify data by hand. This manual approach to analytics is neither scalable or cost effective and a programmatic approach to automating is the only viable and economic route to deeper insights.

Big Data, combined with machine learning and AI, offers companies the opportunity to successfully manage, organize and analyze the vast, diverse lakes of data now available to them. Using the right platforms, organizations can identify trends and insights that can help them to create better products, improve customer experience and marketing efforts, win more business, and more. By balancing “the art of the possible” with a privacy-first approach to data analytics, companies are set to transform their business and maintain consumer trust.



Lucy Wimmer

Written by Lucy Wimmer

Lucy Wimmer is global senior director of marketing and communications at DataSift.

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