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Lucy Wimmer
20th January 2017 0 Comments

This week, we announced our partnership with LinkedIn and unveiled PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights but how exactly will this new offering help you improve your campaigns?

LinkedIn Engagement Insights offers you a privacy-first view into what 467 million professionals are reading, sharing, and saying about your products, industries, brands, and the environment around them on the world’s largest online B2B network. Marketers and agencies, such as Motley, Publicis Media, and WPP’s Mindshare are already using the multidimensional data to do three key things:

Discover new audiences for your brands and products

Audience discovery

You can now research the behavior of high value audiences on LinkedIn and validate your assumptions. Thanks to LinkedIn Engagement Insights, you can confirm audience segments by analyzing the job titles, locations, and skills of audiences who are engaging with relevant content on the network. You can now also identify new audience segments for your campaigns  based on people’s engagement with content that intersects with a brand’s existing audience.

Learn what content works best with your audiences

Content engagement

LinkedIn Engagement Insights  gives you a greater understanding of what topics, types of content and creative resonates most with your key audiences. These content insights can then be used to better shape and inform content marketing strategies on LinkedIn, create more compelling content for target audiences and more effectively measure success on LinkedIn.

Benchmark brands against the competition

Share of voice

Using LinkedIn Engagement Insights, you can now gain a more in-depth understanding of how audiences are engaging with your brand, products and services on LinkedIn relative to industry competitors and peers.

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Lucy Wimmer

Written by Lucy Wimmer

Lucy Wimmer is global senior director of marketing and communications at DataSift.

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