Launching our Media Strategies API: “No data scientists, no problem”

11th May 2017 0 Comments

Today’s agencies need data – it’s vital to innovation and success. But they need to make data-driven decisions and access answers rather than sift through huge pools of data and vanity metrics. So, how many agencies do you know with an army of data scientists on hand, surfacing the actionable insights needed to inform marketing strategies, media plans and campaigns? I bet very few – if any. That’s why today we’re launching our Media Strategies API.

This new API enables agencies to quickly surface answers for their clients from social data on the critical questions relating to building awareness, interest, and demand around clients’ products or services. The Media Strategies API is initially available as part of the PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights platform, which provides organizations with advanced insights into the activities and interests of more than 500 million LinkedIn professionals.

So how does it work? Teams within agencies need basic programming knowledge. They can type in keywords, select the audience segments required, and the Media Strategies API does all the heavy lifting for them. The API creates predefined reports based on successful projects and best practice data science, including Natural Language Processing and machine learning, to get agencies the answers they need faster.

Let’s look at an example of the kind of questions a company selling Human Resources software could get answers for using the Media Strategies API:

  • What personas should I be marketing to on LinkedIn? By analyzing and segmenting the different audiences that are engaging with and reading content related to HR technologies, the API can surface a ranked list of the audience segments that are interested in this product or category.
  • What content should I be creating? By surfacing ‘hot topics’ for HR professionals, the API allows marketers to apply insights to inform their content marketing and campaign strategies on LinkedIn.
  • What specific messaging should I use with different audience segments in order to be relevant? The Media Strategies API can provide personalization recommendations to help ensure that marketers use the right message with each customer group.
  • What audiences should I target using LinkedIn Ads? The Media Strategies API can automatically provide recommendations for targeting criteria to use in your LinkedIn ad campaign to reach audiences interested in your product.

The result is that agencies spend less time analyzing data and more time focused on executing against actionable insights and delivering value to their customers. The new API can be easily integrated into internal media planning tools and innovative agencies such as VaynerMedia and Annalect are already discovering what it can do. So what are you waiting for? Find out what our Media Strategies API can do for you and register your interest by contacting us at [email protected]

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