Creating Accurate Keyword Filters for LinkedIn Analysis with New Topic Builder

12th September 2017 0 Comments

The Topic Builder is a new application for LinkedIn Engagement Insights that allows you to define and refine LinkedIn topics, as well as spot relevant content for a given topic.

And what exactly is a topic in the LinkedIn world? It’s is a collection of keywords or a CSDL query string that can be used as filter criteria for queries against LinkedIn Engagement Insights.

The Topic Builder tool will help you construct a topic definition through an iterative process using real time data from the LinkedIn Engagement Insights API. Each iteration will present you with a set of results based on the current topic definition. You can branch out from iterations to further define a topic, or reverse to the previous iteration.

To construct a topic definition you need to begin with one or more keywords representing the topic you are interested in. For example, if we use Bitcoin as our first keyword, the Topic Builder tool will help us discover other relevant keywords that relate to ‘Bitcoin’, so you are sure to capture the data you are after. You can seed the tool with as many keywords as you wish.

Once we submit our keywords the tool will run the first iteration finding matching content on LinkedIn. The tool is looking at the keywords in article titles and summaries. When the results are ready you will be presented with an overview containing the total number of interactions and members who engaged with content matching your keywords.

From there, you can refine your topic further by using ‘Next Iteration’ feature. Click on any keyword or concept to add them or exclude them from the next iteration. Remember that while excluding keywords will make your results less ‘noisy’, it may also remove articles that match your original keywords. The Topic Builder supports versioning, so you can go back and forth between the results. When you are happy with the results you can use the export button to grab the keywords (used for Media Strategies) or CSDL (used for filters against the task API).

Seeing errors? These are most commonly caused by redaction resulting from excluding keywords or searching for infrequent keywords. If you encounter an error, the tool will not create a new version and you will be back at your previous iteration.

You can learn more about the Topic Builder tool from our documentation. The Topic Builder tool is currently available to registered and approved users of LinkedIn Engagement Insights. If you would like to gain access to LinkedIn Engagement Insights, please contact us.

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