Podcast: Jason Oberholtzer of “I Love Charts”

Agustin Mingorance 30th October 2012 0 Comments

When you think about charts and data, “hilarious and witty” are most likely not your first thoughts that come to mind. Big data is all around us – why not make it easy on the eyes? We recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Jason Oberholtzer, blogger for Forbes and co-founder and curator of the popular Tumblr and published book, I Love Charts. As an Internet culture maven and charts junkie, he let us in on how he turns raw data into witty visualizations, the data sharing revolution, and of course, the I Love Charts’ journey from Tumblr to a Nation-wide selling book.

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DataSift Debates Social Pulse

Agustin Mingorance 17th October 2012 0 Comments

Join us tonight for the 2012 Debates Social Pulse, the first ever, real time, minute-by-minute analysis of social sentiment for presidential candidates as the debates happen and beyond.

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Online News Sources

Today, we’re rounding up some of the top Social Data stories on the Web that you might have missed. From the government, to politics to customer targeting, the potential for using Social Media to derive insights is seemingly endless!

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Thinking Strategically about Social Data

Agustin Mingorance 5th October 2012 0 Comments

Last week, we attended the Social Media Strategies Summit in San Francisco, where Rob Bailey, our CEO, discussed the seven measurable actions that further your company’s marketing and social media efforts. In addition to providing a framework for moving your company’s efforts from beginner to pro, Rob highlighted companies who are thinking strategically about social media, such as Taco Bell, Burberry and KFC.

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Since announcing DataSift Historics earlier this year,  we’ve been overwhelmed by the response and demand. From companies building social media monitoring tools, to finance firms building models for sentiment-based stock trading – the ability to build a big picture of the market from social Big Data is an important compass for companies that want to understand customers better and make smarter business decisions.

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Public Reaction To The New YouTube Design

Agustin Mingorance 23rd December 2011 3 Comments

Haters Are Going To Hate…But They Aren’t Always Right Here at DataSift we are big fans of YouTube and really love the new UI they launched a few weeks ago. At the same time that our team was admiring the sleek new site design that You Tube had just launched,  we noticed  YouTube was taking a hammering from online commentators and press.  It seemed like EVERYONE hated the new UI!   Were the “haters” right that…

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TrendSpottr Integration

Agustin Mingorance 23rd September 2011 0 Comments

DataSift will be integrating with TrendSpottr to provide customers with the ability to deride early and predictive insights from their real-time curated data streams TrendSpottr is a real-time data analytics and business intelligence service that identifies and predicts trends from Twitter, Facebook and other real-time data streams. It works by improving the signal-to-noise ratio by identifying the most timely, relevant and trending information from a firehose of streaming content. Through DataSift, TrendSpottr users will receive…

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HStreaming Integration

Agustin Mingorance 0 Comments

Real-time Challenge The value of big data such as social media decays rapidly with time. Companies that are able to draw insights from their data and act fast and correctly in response, can realize valuable strategic advantages over their competitors. “Learning that a web campaign from last week created negative sentiment in viewers is useful, but being able to alter corporate communication in real-time is what makes the difference. And this is exactly what the…

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Agustin Mingorance 1 Comment

DataSift, a provider of aggregated real-time social data feeds, has entered into a partnership with Endeca that will allow organizations to react to the “big data firehose” of social data. Organizations are demanding a way to understand how their customers react to them and their competitors in social media. To do that, they must aggregate external content in real-time, and then search and analyze it in relation to their own internal content. Endeca Latitude gives…

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DataSift Insights

Agustin Mingorance 21st September 2011 0 Comments

  In partnership with Datameer, today we are very pleased to announce a new product: DataSift Insights. DataSift is extremely powerful at extracting content and augmenting that content in real-time, what it cannot do is perform any kind of analysis on that data. Datameer has a platform that brings the power of Hadoop to every user through the use of a spreadsheet like interface which then in turn generates a pipeline of map-reduce tasks. We have spent the…

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