Well, they didn’t see that one coming, did they? Hundreds of millions of dollars poured into developing and testing the Apple Watch, only for Apple to overlook one tiny but very important detail. If you’ve got your partner’s name, your favorite football team or just about any other type of tattoo inked into your skin, it’s time to call time on your Apple Watch. Owners have found that their inked skin confuses the sensors on the underside of the device….

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What Can Data Sources Do For Me?

James Ritchie 6th July 2015 0 Comments
Group of Business People Working on an Office Desk

Our partners didn’t choose DataSift because of access to a licensing agreement with a single data source—they chose us because we are the Big Data platform of choice for processing Human Data. Some 89% of DataSift customers use us to access data from multiple social networks and we’ve expanded our data partnership to more than 20 social networks and news providers. Most recently we announced a partnership with Facebook. Partners are turning to DataSift in…

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We recently announced our partnership with Facebook, which enables marketers to see what audiences are saying about events, brands, subjects and activities while keeping personal information private. To help marketers understand this new offering and how it can be used to significantly improve the relevance of their campaigns and messaging, DataSift headed to the Cannes Lions Festival for the first time. And so I found myself “working” on the French Riviera last week, drinking champagne…

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More Sources, More Innovation

James Ritchie 22nd June 2015 0 Comments

The fox is in the henhouse. Those old fashioned ways of innovating new ideas, monitoring what your competitors are up to, and conducting market research are changing fast. Pulling together expensive and time-consuming focus group panels to blue sky new product ideas, investing in mountains and months of desk research, and employing teams to watch over competitors are all being overtaken by new ways to innovate. The fox in this case is technology that enables you to capture, analyze and…

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I had no problem finding James, but my heart goes out to any Derek or Daphne who didn’t make the cut. I’m referring to “”, the social media craze that saw the iconic “Coca-Cola” script logo being removed from bottles and replaced with popular first names.  Fans could send personalized “virtual bottles” and share them with friends via social channels using the #ShareaCoke hashtag. According to The Wall Street Journal, Coke’s sales rose 2.5% in…

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Sony experienced it when hackers intercepted confidential emails from their executive team. Banks suffer it any time their ATM systems go down. And it’s happening right now to Protein World with the #eachbodysready backlash against their posters on London’s underground network. What is it? Brand health coming under fire on social media. It’s not all bad news though. Social media can have a positive impact on brand health, being used to increase organizations’ increase share…

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Discussing Disqus and DataSift

James Ritchie 22nd April 2015 0 Comments

I caught my husband’s iPhone thief. What’s better—cats or dogs? What Internet meme would make a good movie? You can comment on these and an almost infinite number of other discussion topics on Disqus, the web’s most popular third-party commenting engine. Launched in 2007, it already used by 140 million commenters, has 11 billion unique page views per month and powers the commenting on three million web properties, including Bloomberg, Wired and Entertainment Weekly. The tricky bit for you as…

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How do you get a complete picture of the trends that should shape your future strategy? Insight into upcoming business opportunities and threats? The events your customers care about? Social data intelligence can answer many of these questions—but it’s often only part of the picture. To get a fuller picture you want to see how a topic is being covered in the published media. That’s where the news data supplied by LexisNexis comes in. This titan of global business information…

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WordPress is the perfect place to pitch your online tent. In fact, this online publishing platform now powers 23% of the entire Internet. It’s a big claim backed by big stats: more than 409 million people view more than 15.5 billion pages each month, and WordPress users publish about 41.7 million new posts and leave 60.5 million new comments each month. One thing’s for certain: organizations can’t afford to ignore WordPress as part of their social data strategy. Here’s the…

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The Washington Post weren’t kidding when they declared that, Tumblr is the new front page of the Internet. The fastest growing social platform in 2014, Tumblr is stacked high with everything from stories, photos and TV shows, to links, Spotify tracks, fashion and art. 460 million visitors each month engage with 227 million different blogs. Once you follow a blog, all of its posts show up in your dashboard. If you see something you like, you can reblog it to…

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