Evolution of Social Data

Jay Krall 6th April 2016 0 Comments

From open communication to closed interaction, the ecosystem of social data is constantly changing and evolving. Amidst shifting landscape of consumer behaviors and privacy concerns, how do you adapt and capture sophisticated, multi-dimensional audience insights? This blog is the first in a series of posts to help you build deeper insights products using Facebook topic data. How social data analytics will adapt to the mass migration of consumers to non-public social spaces Social data provides the world’s…

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Last week, DataSift released PYLON 1.5, our third package of enhancements since announcing the PYLON platform for Facebook topic data. The theme of the 1.5 release is incorporating ease-of-use feedback from our early PYLON customers. All of the features in 1.5 were requested by customers when they began to trial PYLON for Facebook Topic Data in May. We prioritized their feedback and turned around a quick release to make PYLON even easier to use. Small…

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In the age of Big Data, with so many powerful apps available for social listening, engagement and analytics, it’s easy to forget that in many digital agencies and research firms, CSV files, pivot tables and (gasp!) Excel charts are still ubiquitous. The truth is, for certain types of monthly or quarterly reports, they just work; they’re reliable and easy to use. The challenge is that these tools don’t accommodate big social data use cases: millions…

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