Getting a complete picture of all the information regarding opportunities and threats to your business has always been a continuing challenge. Understanding what’s going on in your market has meant researching the mountains of targeted sources such as Newswire content, Newspapers and Trade Journals. Increasingly social data is providing the response data to events and issues that are sometimes hours or even days in advance of when these issues hit the formal published channels. These…

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Unlocking Data Access to Sina Weibo

Jon Oelman 19th December 2013 1 Comment

Businesses looking to access the growing Chinese market have a new tool to help them as DataSift announces access to Sina Weibo, the dominant social network in China. With more than 500M registered users, 100M messages posted daily and recent expansion beyond China to Singapore and Indonesia, Sina Weibo and DataSift offer a unique opportunity for business to understand the preferences, demographics and interests of one of the largest consumer markets on the planet. The…

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If you are consuming long-form content on the internet, chances are you are doing it on WordPress. Currently 20% of all websites and 50% of the top 1000 websites are run on the content management system and the platform is home to sites ranging from Time and TechCrunch to individually-hosted blogs (including many written by DataSift employees). I’m a rabid consumer of content published on WordPress and I especially appreciate articles that are engaging and…

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