Sifting Around: Tumbling with Bae

Justin Breucop 11th September 2014 1 Comment

From a performance of “the Harlem Shake” by mobs of people in Tokyo to #makeuptransformations by women and men alike, social networks like Tumblr are spreading internet memes and slang around the world at a rate never seen before. In today’s “Sifting Around”, I’m going to take a look at the term “Bae”.  Not the global defense and aeronautics company BAE Systems, mind you.  I’m referring to a slang word that Urban Dictionary defines as…

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To start things off, I’d like to introduce Sifting Around, a new series where I’ll demonstrate the analytics process I use when exploring a current event from a social data perspective. From writing a CSDL script to creating visualizations, I’ll give you the how and why behind each step and highlight different DataSift enrichments that I found particularly useful. Conclusions drawn here are entirely my own and are guaranteed by no one, nor is any…

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