It is with great pleasure that we announce the latest batch of improvements to our PYLON for Facebook Topic Data platform. As of today, we are offering our partners three new ways of analyzing Facebook topic data, making it even easier for them to provide marketers with the unprecedented insights that Facebook topic data offers. Sampling The first of these new features is sampling. Sampling is an analysis technique that allows the characteristics of a large dataset to…

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What is the best movie of all time? Is it Vertigo as voted by critics? Or The Shawshank Redemption which has the highest rating on the IMDb? Or Avatar which took the most at the box office? You probably don’t think that any of those is the right answer (and you’d be right). What makes a great movie is a very personal thing and there isn’t one right answer. We all have our own expectations…

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Boosting Your Brand Marketing Q&A

Kester Ford 7th April 2016 0 Comments

Last week I co-hosted a webinar entitled Boosting Your Brand Marketing with Facebook Topic Data Insights. On the webinar we talked about how to use Facebook topic data for use cases such as measuring brand health, campaign analysis and identifying viral content. If you missed the webinar you can catch up with it here and you can read in detail how to use PYLON for Facebook Topic Data to get these insights on our developer…

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revv_up_auto_ sales

I recently read an AdExchanger piece that discussed opportunities for the auto-industry to make better use of data in its advertising. The author, Maxwell Knight of Turn, describes the challenges presented by having branding dealt with at a national level and direct-response happening at a regional level. Knight argues that rather than taking the traditional approach of identify individual customers based on searches and clicks, and programmatically serving ads, the automakers would benefit at both…

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PYLON and the Future of Privacy Laws

Kester Ford 18th February 2016 0 Comments

It’s probably just my age, but it feels like we are living in a time of rapid technological advancement. Things are changing so fast in the world of mobile, social and the sharing economy that it can be difficult for an old codger like me to keep up. Well, if you think it’s hard for an individual to stay current, how must it be for governments? It must be like a game of legislative whack-a-mole….

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See the Real Picture Behind the Numbers

Kester Ford 10th February 2016 1 Comment

Any data without context is just numbers. If your company has quarterly revenue of $100m that might sound good, but if you were forecasting $200m you’re in some trouble. The forecast provides the context to the absolute number. When you’re looking at social data finding context is also important. If you know that 10,000 people are posting about your brand, how do you put that number in context? You can compare to competitors to look…

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It’s my favorite time of the quarter again. The day when I go through half of the work I have done over the last three months and change one number by about 0.05. That might sound like a small change, but it has huge implications, because today is the day after Facebook announced its quarterly results. The number I am changing is the number of people who are active on Facebook every month and it…

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The image of the Don Draper style creative genius who comes up with great ideas on the fly is a tough one for advertising creatives to live up to. However, the mad men of today do have more tools at their disposal than their 60s counterparts. While the customers of Sterling Cooper only find out whether Don’s idea was any good after it has appeared in the New York Times, these days agencies can perform…

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Millennials, that mysterious tribe of under 35 year olds, how is a grizzled old marketer supposed to understand them? We hear from the media that they all speak only in emoji, are addicted to selfies and think that swiping right is a meaningful commitment, but are they really a different species? What, for example, do they eat? One company believed that millennials hold fundamentally different attitudes to food than older consumers. They decided to use…

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2015-12-14 (1)

Here’s a question none of us would mind having to answer: What do you do when you are riding the crest of one of the year’s most successful multi-channel marketing campaigns? It’s certainly a nice problem to have. If you keep running the same content are you resting on your laurels? If you move on are you consigning all that great work to the dustbin of history?   One consumer goods brand had to make…

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