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It is with great excitement that we’re announcing our partnership with Facebook to give marketers a deeper understanding into the topics that people are engaging in on the world’s largest social platform. Over the last seven years, we’ve built an independent and industry-leading platform that enables social networks to build data distribution to an extensive ecosystem of application developers. Today, DataSift is a partner to over 20 social, news and blog networks and serves over…

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Will Privacy Be 2015’s Killer App?

Nick Halstead 15th December 2014 0 Comments
Personal information form with confidential stamp

Internet privacy has become a topic of interest to all of us. Just recently, Google lost ground in its fight against Europe’s ‘right to be forgotten’ legislation, which gives Europeans the ability to hide their history on the Internet. More than 170,000 people have sent appeals to Google, hoping to prevent part of their personal history from showing up online. In the US, public awareness and perceptions are changing in the post-Snowden era, with Pew…

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In the last seven years, we’ve been having an incredible run at DataSift. Working with more than 1,000 customers in 40 countries and enjoying explosive growth. Since I founded the company, we’ve seen the team expand from humble beginnings in Reading, UK to a global operation with more than 120 employees spread across the US, Canada and the UK. DataSift is on a roll and poised to take an even bigger leap in 2015. With…

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DataSift VEDO: Programmable Intelligence

Nick Halstead 12th December 2013 5 Comments

Today we are announcing VEDO – an extension of our core platform that brings programmable intelligence to the masses. Building upon our incredibly rich text pre-processing and parsing capabilities, we have added a whole new engine that allows customers to take advantage of advances in machine learning, statistical models, rich taxonomies and much more all through a simple and unified approach. As with the rest of our platform, we want to reduce the cost of developing this kind of functionality for our customers and let them focus on innovation and not on infrastructure.

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2+ years of Twitter Data

Nick Halstead 28th February 2012 0 Comments

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of Twitter Historic Data. This has been a very long term project for us with an immense amount of specialized engineering required to deliver a solution that is both scalable and easy to use. Below is a short video to explain how it works. Introduction to DataSift Historics Coverage: BBC News – Twitter partners with Datasift to unlock tweet archive TechCrunch – DataSift Unlocks Access To Historical…

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Announcing Our New CEO

Nick Halstead 14th November 2011 2 Comments

During the coming years the engine of growth for DataSift will be the US market. With this in mind, today we are proud to announce the elevation of Rob Bailey as the new CEO of DataSift in preparation for our full US launch later this week. Rob has already been working with DataSift for the past few months as the GM of the US, and in the first few months has already closed revenue-generating customer…

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Building the Future

Nick Halstead 4th August 2011 1 Comment
DataSift Architecture

I wanted to share something about how we view the future of the data ecosystem. We believe building an ecosystem of applications on top of our platform will radically change the data market and create a marketplace for businesses and developers alike. We have spent four years learning about scale and cost to companies to build the kind of infrastructures required to deal with the data volumes involved with something like the Twitter Firehose. Not…

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Twitter Photo Entities

Nick Halstead 1st June 2011 0 Comments

Today Twitter announced that it will be soon releasing a new integrated photo sharing service. Because this service is part of Twitter it means a new set of meta-data will become available for filtering in DataSift. Twitter have already documented the new entities and we will be adding these to our targets as soon as they become available in the Twitter Firehose. We will be looking at what filtering potential these new entities give our…

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Changes to the API

Nick Halstead 26th May 2011 0 Comments

We will be very soon making some changes to our core API and I wanted to to explain why we were making them. One of the first things we built for DataSift was the REST API – this was based upon the code from TweetMeme which had served us so well (it still servers 10,000’s of requests per second). We designed the API based upon a lot of assumptions back then and with hindsight they…

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Twitter Partnership

Nick Halstead 4th April 2011 1 Comment

Mediasift and Twitter have partnered to make Twitter data commercially available through DataSift. This means that developers interested in building tools to monitor and analyze Twitter data can now filter Tweets from the full Twitter Firehose, using DataSift for non-display analysis. Companies and marketers are demanding better ways to listen to their customers on Twitter, and understand conversations about their brands and products. With so much news and data being created across multiple social networks,…

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