Klout Augments the Real-Time Stream

Nick Halstead 11th January 2011 0 Comments

We are very pleased to hear that one of our partners Klout has raised a substantial further round in financing. For those who have not heard of them before, Klout measures online influence, this is as important as the revolution that Google made in defining the pagerank for web pages. And just like Googles pagerank for every web page on internet Klout has a score for users on Twitter and Facebook. For us Klout was an…

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2011 A Year For Big Data

Nick Halstead 3rd January 2011 0 Comments

A new year and we are super excited about what is coming in 2011. Big data and real-time are hot topics and we feel that DataSift is ready to take on the challenge of assisting our customers with the problems of dealing with finding the right data and soon how to analyse it. So what did we do in 2010? DataSift was built as a platform for consumers and businesses to sift through the real-time…

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Ruby Wrapper for DataSift

Nick Halstead 22nd December 2010 0 Comments

Are you a developer who is currently investigating DataSift and our offerings, well if you are and you use Ruby or are after a wrapper for our API then you might just find this little project on GitHub by Steven Shingler of interest.  We thought it was a great idea to bring this to your attention so that you don’t need to completely write your own from scratch! If you have created any source code…

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Building on Top of Other Streams

Nick Halstead 10th December 2010 0 Comments

DataSift has the ability to enable any user to build upon a stream that you or another user has created.  The concept is pretty simple, each stream has a unique identifier which you will find when you select the stream.  In order to find the identity of the stream click on Stream Identity, and copy it! Then start creating your new stream definition!  This short video shows you the syntax and where to find the…

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Language Detection has had an Update

Nick Halstead 9th December 2010 0 Comments

We have updated our language detection service within DataSift, as we found that our previous version was unable to identify the language of interactions as reliably and efficiently as we had originally hoped it would.  If you’re wondering where to find it, go to Create Stream or Edit Stream and it’s in the CSDL Language Help area at the bottom of the list. Thanks to the improved efficiency we have added support for ten more…

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Getting Started with DataSift

Nick Halstead 8th December 2010 0 Comments

Now that we’ve sent out our first 400 Alpha invites we are starting to put together a series of screencasts. The first of these is our getting started screencast.  This one runs you through the main screens and guides you through creating your first simple stream.  Alongside this screencast we also have written documentation which you can find in our support area. Creating your first stream is always the hardest because you want to make…

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DataSift Talks About What is Curation?

Nick Halstead 7th December 2010 0 Comments

There has been a lot of conversation on our LinkedIn and Facebook page about what curation is and how it relates to DataSift and our services.  We look at curation here at DatSift in terms of digital curation, which is defined broadly as the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital data. Here’s what Andy Gott has to say on the subject of Real Time Curation: Here’s how we do it, we collect and…

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Last week we opened DataSift up to our first 100 users and that went really well.  We’ve had some great feedback from our users and have a few areas that we are now focusing on.  As a result we are ready to release our next 100 users.   Rather than just adding another 100 users this week we are going to add 100 new users each day this week!  Yes you read that right! 100…

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The First Alpha Invites are in the Wild!

Nick Halstead 30th November 2010 0 Comments

Earlier today we relased our first 100 Alpha invites!  We have chosen a range of people for this alpha phase, from developers through to designers, data mining experts, monitoring enthusiasts and news curators. What we wanted to do was get feedback from as wide an audience as possible and not just those who have a geeky interest for programming and data. We are trying to make our system as usable as possible for everyone.  Hopefully…

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DataSift Update

Nick Halstead 3rd November 2010 0 Comments

We have been hard at work on DataSift over the last couple of weeks culminating the next iteration of our platform and making minor fixes to the DataSift site. WebSocket Support The client will see new data as soon as the WebSocket server pushes it out, giving them an advantage over the various polling solutions since it’s not waiting for data to queue and pulling it all at once. So the bottom line is, it’s…

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