DataSift App Store

Nick Halstead 2nd November 2010 0 Comments

Key to the potential growth of DataSift is having 3rd partly developers build applications on top of it. In an early effort to show that we understand developers needs we have built out our own App Store so that applications that use our platform can be easily found by our own users. The store is design to allow many types of applications, these can be mobile, web based or even code libraries that use our…

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DataSift Alpha

Nick Halstead 29th September 2010 0 Comments

We have now officially launched the Alpha of DataSift and will now start sending out invites. For those not yet in the Alpha here are a few screenshots of the site. And if your interested in learning CSDL (Curated Stream Definition Language) which is our bespoke scripting language for content curation, you can go to our support site to learn all the details.

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CSDL – Curated Stream Definition Language

Nick Halstead 8th September 2010 0 Comments

The power behind DataSift is our own proprietary curation engine which now is in its 4th major iteration. This is very much a cloud based solution bringing ease of use to a problem that for many companies is a very resource hungry and cost inefficient process to extract the data they want. DataSift has its own definition language called CDSL (Curated Stream Definition Language) and you can today go read the documentation which we have just put live….

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DataSift – Tuning the Social Web

Nick Halstead 12th August 2010 0 Comments

Since I started the company I had one goal in mind, to build technology that helped customers sift through the massive volume of content that the online world was generating. We have helped shape the social web with the collecting of social signals through our Retweet Button and built both consumer and business products based upon that data. Today we are previewing a new product which will shape the future of content curation. DataSift builds…

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