Resolving the Big Data Paradox

Rob Bailey 8th October 2014 1 Comment
Big Data project fiasco

During the past decade, few business buzzwords/terms have had as much success as ‘Big Data’. It’s graced the covers of business magazines, been the central topic of an endless number of conferences, and helped countless tech folks explain to their families what they do for a living. In this blog post I’d like to propose a new way at looking at ‘Big Data’ given the changing nature of data in organizations that addresses an inherent…

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We’d like to congratulate Twitter and GNIP on taking their relationship to the next level, to help Twitter serve the exploding demand for public social data to fuel decision making. This acquisition validates the power of social data within brands and businesses. We’re excited to see this market continue to grow, and work in partnership with Twitter through this next-phase of growth. As a long-time Twitter re-syndication partner serving 1,000+ customers in 40+ countries, our…

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“This is the greatest advertising opportunity since the invention of cereal.” – Don Draper Sometimes, when I am watching an old episode of ‘Mad Men’ on a long plane flight, I find myself wondering what Don Draper would think if he we was transported to 2014. What would he be most surprised about: No more martini lunches? No smoking in business meetings? I’m sure these would all be wild for him to see, but I…

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DataSift Closes $42M Series C Round

Rob Bailey 3rd December 2013 14 Comments

Today, I am excited to share with you that DataSift has closed a $42M Series C round of funding led by Insight Venture Partners with participation from existing investors Scale Venture Partners, Upfront Ventures, IA Ventures, Northgate Capital, Daher Capital and Cendana Capital. In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams jokingly posited that “42” was the meaning of the universe.  For us, it culminates a period of amazing growth and sets us up…

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Partner Ecosystem

Twitter’s forced brevity, the immediacy of its connections, and its impact as a breaking news source are all key elements that have been covered many times. But Twitter has also built a really important competitive advantage with its extensive partner ecosystem which has given the social network a reach and impact that goes far beyond what its monthly active user (MAU) numbers would indicate.

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Yesterday, I woke to find that the rumors that had been flying over the weekend were true—my former employer Yahoo! was buying Tumblr. During the course of the day I’ve read a variety of articles debating the merits of the deal, commentary on the likelihood that Yahoo will in fact screw up Tumblr, and speculation about just how rich David Karp is going to be. As CEO of DataSift, this is an exciting and important event for the company and Marissa Mayer’s strategy, but the first take news and commentary on the announcement misses several important points about what is happening in social and in the market right now.

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Lessons Learned From The AP Hack

Rob Bailey 30th April 2013 1 Comment
Rob Bailey

Last week, the official account of the Associated Press (@AP) was hacked and the account was used to Tweet the false news that the White House had been bombed and President Obama was injured as part of a potential attack. The Dow Jones Industrial Average proceeded to plummet almost 150 points, as did several other market indices around the world. I think this is an incredibly important moment in time and important learning experience, but…

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Earlier this week, IBM published a report that claimed that social traffic from sites like Twitter and Facebook only had a negligible effect on traffic to online retailers. Considering the massive flood of Tweets, Facebook Likes, and bitly clicks that all of us at DataSift saw about these major shopping events in our feeds, I was surprised by IBM’s findings and think they may have given marketers the very wrong impression that social traffic wasn’t important…

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One of my favorite things to read are blog posts from other entrepreneurs of lessons they’ve learned in the trenches. (For example, here’s a great post from the founder of Quirky). I thought I’d share some assumptions I’ve learned during the past year. Most are insights gleaned from mistakes I’ve made repeatedly or seen other entrepreneurs make.

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Picking the Right Investor

Rob Bailey 14th November 2012 1 Comment

During the past few days I’ve received lots of great emails, Facebook messages and DMs congratulating our team for closing the most recent round of funding.  I believe that congratulating a company for raising a round is like congratulating a chef for coming back from the supermarket with groceries. Funding is not winning. It’s more gas in the tank to take the company further. So, rather than celebrate, we’re using this as an opportunity for reflection – what’s worked, what we’ve learned and the road ahead.

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