Sharethrough Wins New Client Business With DataSift

Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson 6th November 2014 0 Comments

Sharethrough is a new type of marketplace for brands and publishers, cutting through the endless streams of click-bait, blinking banners, and interruptive ads. In this compelling DataSift case study, you can learn how the world’s largest in-feed advertising exchange relies on the DataSift platform to reliably provide business critical social data. The Sharethrough software platform takes the interruption out of advertising and shines a light on content that is engaging. Brands and their agencies use…

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Bringing Big Data Techniques to Human-Generated Data

Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson 4th November 2014 0 Comments

Humans are social creatures. That might even be truer when we go online. Consider the following recent (beginning portion of 2014) statistics about the most popular social network and blog platforms and their memberships: Twitter has 560 million registered users, and over half of them are active, and at least as of a couple of years ago, there were 200 million tweets sent every single day. WordPress powers 20% of the top global sites and…

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Timeline Labs Delivers Breaking Stories to Clients Faster

Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson 29th October 2014 0 Comments

When Timeline Labs (TLL) detected a tweet from a local TV station in Texas reporting a shooting incident at Fort Hood, the company provided this alert to its national news partners—beating AP and CNN by 23 minutes and Reuters by 34 minutes. Find out in this absorbing case study how TLL uses DataSift to monitor everything that’s relevant to a news organization. TLL provides the world’s top media companies and brands with tools that discover trending…

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How Qualia Helps Marketers Respond to Local Intent

Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson 21st October 2014 0 Comments

How does a 300 percent uplift in ad click through rates sound? That’s exactly what Qualia (formerly known as LocalResponse) is achieving for one of its clients using Twitter data enriched by DataSift. This case study explores how Qualia is using DataSift to access and filter through the full Twitter firehose to ingest only the data they need. Imagine Tweeting ‘Just went for a run’, and then seeing a Nike banner ad on your desktop…

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For a textbook example of how DataSift is helping partners aggregate, process and deliver social data—read on. Onalytica’s solutions surface relevant influencers for their clients, helping them to manage those relationships over time. Working with DataSift, Onalytica generated cost savings through less reliance on an internal data center, and eliminated data gaps for an enhanced end-user experience. So what’s behind this partnership success? Onalytica helps leading brands and agencies systematically manage their relationships with influential…

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