The New Traditional News Outlet

Markham Nolan 13th February 2013 1 Comment

With the vastness of the information at hand, and ever-greater access to that information, news agencies have to cope with a reality that their readers may never come to them for a headline again. The headlines are already out there, via Twitter, via Facebook, via whatever medium that is your particular preference. In 140 characters, the news is being broken before news agencies even realize it’s news. When your customers are beating you to the product, it changes the game.

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Your company’s level of social influence has a huge impact on how users trust and take to your brand. Of course, you need to build trust first in order to actually grow your influence. Sounds like a chicken and the egg scenario, wouldn’t you say? Follow these 7 steps and you’ll learn exactly how to build trust and grow your social influence simultaneously

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From Social Data to Business Insight

Seth Grimes 19th October 2012 0 Comments
Screen Shot 2012-10-17 at 11.09.30

Your social listening, engagement, marketing, and customer support initiatives – and beyond them, a range of emerging, social-infused business processes (that is, every process that involves people) – require clean, complete, well-structured, and reliable social data. If you’re already a DataSift customer, you surely agree, but if you’re not yet convinced, poke around the DataSift site a bit and I’m sure you will come around.

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