We’re excited to share this cool infographic from London based creative agency and DataSift customer, FACE. Leveraging Pulsar TRAC, their newly launched social media intelligence tool powered by DataSift, FACE has introduced a series of data studies called How Stuff Spreads, which explores how digital content spreads across the social web.

This first installment explores how Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake became global memes by comparing how the top 5 versions of each video were shared on Twitter by looking at 8 dimensions of each meme: shape, lifespan, popularity, shareability, globality, amplification, variation and diffusion network.

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With an almost $4 million US dollar price tag for thirty seconds of air time, a Super Bowl commercial is a big investment for brands—and when you consider the additional costs of producing the commercial and supporting brand materials, how do you prove the value of your investment? With the real-time marketing that comes with Twitter, brands are now able to see, almost instantaneously, the reaction and impact of their investment. In today’s infographic, DataSift…

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Check out our latest Infographic: Whether you were first in line at the mall by 8pm on Thanksgiving day, avoided the crowds with a CyberMonday online shopping spree or just spent a quiet weekend checking your Twitter and Facebook feeds, Black Friday deals were probably an inescapable part of your holiday weekend.

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