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Brands + Twitter is a powerful combination and DataSift customer Nestivity recently published their take on the Top 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter today. A high level of engagement with customers via social channels has become an imperative for brands and those that “get it” will outperform the competitors. Nestivity commissioned a survey with Evolve Capital, in partnership with Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, which looked at the top 100 most followed brands on Twitter, resulting…

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We’re excited to share this cool infographic from London based creative agency and DataSift customer, FACE. Leveraging Pulsar TRAC, their newly launched social media intelligence tool powered by DataSift, FACE has introduced a series of data studies called How Stuff Spreads, which explores how digital content spreads across the social web.

This first installment explores how Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake became global memes by comparing how the top 5 versions of each video were shared on Twitter by looking at 8 dimensions of each meme: shape, lifespan, popularity, shareability, globality, amplification, variation and diffusion network.

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The New Traditional News Outlet

Markham Nolan 13th February 2013 1 Comment

With the vastness of the information at hand, and ever-greater access to that information, news agencies have to cope with a reality that their readers may never come to them for a headline again. The headlines are already out there, via Twitter, via Facebook, via whatever medium that is your particular preference. In 140 characters, the news is being broken before news agencies even realize it’s news. When your customers are beating you to the product, it changes the game.

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With an almost $4 million US dollar price tag for thirty seconds of air time, a Super Bowl commercial is a big investment for brands—and when you consider the additional costs of producing the commercial and supporting brand materials, how do you prove the value of your investment? With the real-time marketing that comes with Twitter, brands are now able to see, almost instantaneously, the reaction and impact of their investment. In today’s infographic, DataSift…

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Online News Sources

Today, were rounding up this week’s top social media stories from around the web. As the year comes to a close, the web has provided an abundance of data analysis of trends, news, and events that have shaped 2012. From the 2012 Summer Olympics, SOPA, Curiosity Rover, U.S Presidential Election and Superstorm Sandy, social media has captured and shared the global pulse of humanity.

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The recent launch of our re-syndication partnership with bitly allows us to see the connections between conversations and clicks like never before. Using simple analysis techniques to delve into rich data sets we are able to identify key influencer events, local variations in interests and which companies are best able to ride the wave of excitement around a breaking story.
When focusing on the week leading up to Skyfall’s U.S. opening on November 9, we discovered that people from 180 countries visited more than 2,300 different websites discussing Skyfall, covering reviews, trailers, interviews, the soundtrack and other angles.

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Check out our latest Infographic: Whether you were first in line at the mall by 8pm on Thanksgiving day, avoided the crowds with a CyberMonday online shopping spree or just spent a quiet weekend checking your Twitter and Facebook feeds, Black Friday deals were probably an inescapable part of your holiday weekend.

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As a Big Data platform for social, we’re continually working on how we can extend the value of insights that companies can derive from social data. Today we’re excited to announce our resyndication partnership with bitly (you can read the full announcement here) – bringing the social clickstream into our platform and integrating it to enable entirely new ways to analyze and act on social data insights.

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Last week, we attended the Social Media Strategies Summit in San Francisco, where Rob Bailey, our CEO, discussed the seven measurable actions that further your company’s marketing and social media efforts. In addition to providing a framework for moving your company’s efforts from beginner to pro, Rob highlighted companies who are thinking strategically about social media, such as Taco Bell, Burberry and KFC.

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Since announcing DataSift Historics earlier this year,  we’ve been overwhelmed by the response and demand. From companies building social media monitoring tools, to finance firms building models for sentiment-based stock trading – the ability to build a big picture of the market from social Big Data is an important compass for companies that want to understand customers better and make smarter business decisions.

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